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My life as of now

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the earth shakes 
the tree stand still 
the waves move like a roaring lion 
I no longer live for me but for Elohim
I no longer agree to love this world but my Elohim
who am I to love God?
Who am I to kneel in his altar?
I am nothing 
I am dirt in which I was formed
I shall return to the dirt and its earth 
I am nothing without my Elohim
nothing in this world is anything
we see but can't comprehend
we hear but can't listen
we speak nonsense 
When are we going to learn to have maturity?
When is our father coming back to end it all?
As I sit and pray for him to come soon 
Life no longer has a meaning without Elohim.

My first storm after the calmness

As my heart and my mind tremble to the thoughts of my past.  As it hunts me down like a hunter, I can feel what i used to feel again.  Which scares me! I no longer want that feeling.  I been unleashing my very own past to the world and bringing it back to existance.  As I worked yesterday Jesus put in my heart to let my past go and no longer even think about it.  There's no one in this world who can bring it back up again.  It all started with the very own thought, of my past and a comment I said to a coworker.  Today as I kept thinking about my past, how the flash backs came back again.  I'm troubled, now having to deal with my own worst nightmare.  Which I left behind and I know in the world people say,"the past comes back to hunt you." Which in my thoughts now i find hard to believe, I am letting the past hunt me.  Why am I, letting this past hunts me so much? Why am I letting the past ruin my present and my future?  If God has told me to forget my past, because he has forgiving me.  Why do I let it bother me? I must resist to its temptetion to break away from it and let it go once and for all.  The biggest regrets of our life, are the ones we should have done, no matter the outcome.  Putting our own fears aside and learning to trust Elohim, with our eyes close.  


everyday i get closer to understand my place in the world.  i don't take it as an act of selfishness.  i see it,  as a way to know who i am and what i am to become.  We go and seek where we belong, yet our hearts are not there.  we think we belong where we are and we find comfort in our own wrongdoings.  We want to break away from our daily routine.  Yet no one dares to brake away from our comfort.  what is to become of us? what is  there to be ? Are we willing to sacrifice our comfort of a uncertain future?  Yet the answer lies within us.  We get as much as we give.  no one is granted a smooth ride in this earth.  we strive to be remember but half of the best are forgotten.  I haven't realize, we are who we choose to be and who the people around us see we are.  As we go finding pity in ourselves, we forgot about the people around us.  As life been going, usually holding information is always the best to guarantee our safety.  honesty is the best way to answer the lie and the truth.

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